Best Automation Solutions for Electronic Business

  • Barcode system

  • Manage serial products

  • Installment product sales

  • Courier handling

  • Due payment reminder

  • Purchase Sales and Stock Management Cell


Sale by EMI?

Dizi Cashier track & provides accurate EMI calculation & payment reminder

ইনভয়েসিং ও ইনভেন্টরি
ইনভয়েসিং ও ইনভেন্টরি

On a business tour?

Keep an eye on your sales, stock & accounts from mobile

Trouble for product tracking?

Dizi Cashier have solutions with barcode & serial number

ইনভয়েসিং ও ইনভেন্টরি
ইনভয়েসিং ও ইনভেন্টরি

Bank loan got stuck for documentation lacking?

Generate any sales, stock & accounts related reports easily & submit

Sale isn’t increasing for competitive market?

Use Dizi Cashier online store & gear up your business

ইনভয়েসিং ও ইনভেন্টরি

Electronics businesses using Dizi Cashier

Review from our customers about Dizi Cashier

Benefits of using Dizi Cashier

benefit of dizicashier
  • Saves time & money

  • Minimizes human error

  • Get quick reports

  • Saves extra effort & space

  • Enables easy financial audit

  • Superfast invoicing

  • Saves your customer’s time

  • Manage customer data

  • Creates transparency in business

  • Fast invoice sharing process

  • Due payment reminder

  • Barcode & Serial No. scan & print

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