Stock, order and cash on delivery management in one software

  • Online Store

  • Online Management

  • Purchase Sales & Stock Management Sales

  • Return and Exchange Facility

  • SMS Notification


Doing sales-purchase, checking stock & accounts manually? Means it’s taking more time

Dizi Cashier saves your time & money. Get all business reports in one click

ইনভয়েসিং ও ইনভেন্টরি
ইনভয়েসিং ও ইনভেন্টরি

Delivering products by courier but can’t keep track of accounts?

Can get all courier service related data from Dizi Cashier for your sales

Doing business through facebook but don’t have any website?

Can get your own online store in Dizi Cashier & reach to innumerable customers

ইনভয়েসিং ও ইনভেন্টরি
ইনভয়েসিং ও ইনভেন্টরি

Update your customers by sending SMS automatically?

Send automatic SMS from Dizi Cashier to your customers for product sale, order confirmation, payment confirmation, due payment, EMIs, etc.

All services in one platform

Get your billing, accounts, stock & e-commerce service from Dizi Cashier web & mobile application

ইনভয়েসিং ও ইনভেন্টরি

E-commerce businesses using Dizi Cashier

Review from our customers about Dizi Cashier

Benefits of using Dizi Cashier

benefit of dizicashier
  • Saves time & money

  • Minimizes human error

  • Get quick reports

  • Saves extra effort & space

  • Enables easy financial audit

  • Superfast invoicing

  • Saves your customer’s time

  • Manage customer data

  • Creates transparency in business

  • Fast invoice sharing process

  • Due payment reminder

  • Barcode & Serial No. scan & print

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